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Default Between the Pages of a Book

Friends, Rajesh Atreyu-Rehhman and Minerva "Mouse" Durand, met after the younger between the two transferred to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, at the start of Mouse's sixth term and Raj's seventh, fall of 2109. With Mouse having been sorted in Ravenclaw, the pair were able to form a fast friendship through their shared commons (and specifically the Book Nook) until the end of the term came and it was time for Raj to leave the school behind and move on to the next chapter.

Mouse was delighted to get to meet up with him over summer for some studying assistance in preparation for her delayed OWL exams before also visiting his family home and getting to see the creature sanctuary his fathers operated.

When September 2110 rolled around, it was back to Hogwarts for Mouse and the two were able to keep up correspondence via owl. Now, Hogsmeade is rolling around and Mouse is looking forward to potentially getting a chance to see Raj again before summer.

Rajesh Atreyu-Rehman - Holmesian Feline
Mouse Durand - Chelliephone


Scene One: A Hogsmeade Visit
This is a CLOSED RP to explore friendship between the two above characters. Others may be invited for later scenes.