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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Indeed Keighley was Jude’s shadow. They might also be close to Rea and Ko but the two younger Anders’ siblings had an inseparable bond. “It’s not,’’ he agreed. “But I think we made the best of that unfortunate bit of happening, don’t you think? We get along really well, we’re supportive of each other, we’re always doing cool things together…’’ That was just to list a few things. “Both days, I promise. Of course I’ll use some time to catch up with my friends but the majority of the rest, I’ll be with you.” How did that sound to Keigh?

As if Keighley could ever be the worst sister in the world at any time! Jude would NOT hear of such a thing! The young man was silent for a bit, his brain working in overdrive. He was beginning to see why all of this was overwhelming on Keigh. It was all the changes. He felt ashamed for not thinking about how his moving out would affect her. “Keigh, I’m sorry. I really didn’t stop to think about how you’d feel, about how much you’d miss me.” Truly, he had been focused on starting his life with Davet. Jude wrapped his other arms around his sister as though hoping that she’d feel how much he regretted not thinking about her interests.
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