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If everyone didn't already know by now, well, that wasn't her problem. Sorry but not really. They had six full years to realize it. This Anders girl was Jude's shadow. And being without him next year was going to be earth shattering.

"It just isn't fair." Oh, Merlin that many many times she had thought that over the years. The two of them looks nothing alike but every other way they were the same. Jude was her sibling match always. "You promise? Both days? If he was saying it she knew he meant it and he knew she would be holding him to it too. This was how things worked between them.

Did she feel like the worst little sister in the entire universe right than? Yes. But she couldn't help it. Keigh shifted to lean against him even more. "I know.. but it's going to feel so strange without both Reagan and you in the house.. " She had known all along that Jude would move out but she hadn't expected it to be at the very start of the summer. Normally they had the whole break together and she had gotten used to that.
There were a lot of changes happening all at once and it was finally getting to her. Even a sunshiny girl like her can hold it all in for so long.
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