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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Each cheek now properly dotted upon, Darius left one more necessary greeting right upon Indigo's rosy lips before settling into the seat right beside his companion with an arm still draped lazily over his shoulder as well. "That is certainly a possibility and I do have a very sharp nose. Though I do not require it to feel confident of compatibility."

Leaning back a bit in his seat, Darius walked his fingers from around Indigo's shoulder to along his shoulder and just to the nape of the neck around the spine while casually looking over the menu. "Not particularly, though anything will taste delectable with you offering yourself as the plate." He truly could not resist when the object of his attention walked so easily into such enticing banter. "I am in the mood for something nutty I think. What do you recommend?"
This is why Indigo liked Darius; he was also a shameless flirt. And while Indigo didn't often like being the center of attention, he did like attention from cute men. "You know that's not what I meant." His tone was a teasing scold, and he smiled. Not that Indigo would mind, but the Leaky Cauldron probably preferred their patrons to use actual plates. He turned his gaze to the menu, leaning close to look at the same one as Darius rather than use his own. It took a bit longer to read the menu than usual - Darius' fingers at the back of his neck were a bit distracting - but he managed. "I don't know what's nutty, but I was thinking about sushi. Or pizza."
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