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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

Figuring she would save the other attendants from uncomfortable small talk (she truly was horrible at this host thing, wasn't she?), it was time to jump right into it - though of course everyone was welcome to take their time with socializing and finishing their food before they started to get their hands dirty. Clearing her throat and clasping her hands in front of her, Sook raised her voice the slightest bit to be heard. "Hello, hello all and thank you for coming! I hope you are enjoying the provisions! As I'm sure all have noticed, we're in need of some replacement floo powder these days due to the recent shortages - and luckily DERP was able to procure some new seeds. Given the urgency of need, we've invited you all here with the hope you might be willing to assist with a handful here and there in the dirt." Truly, the littlest bit helped. "However, please do not feel you need to assist with the planting if you do not want to - we're just as happy to have seen friendly faces. If you are up for a bit of playing in the dirt however, whenever you're ready handheld shovels can be located over here next to the seed bags. Our best fertilizer have already been spread in these beds," She indicated the three long rows. "And if you have any questions at all, you can ask myself or any of the other present DERP employees."

With a warm smile towards them all, she proceeded to move off to grab herself a shovel and begin the word. Lead by example, right?
Sophie didn't know why she was going to DERP to help with planting floo powder seeds since she was an Ambassador with other important international stuffs waiting to be delt with, and she really did not have green thumbs. Her plants usually died. The blonde however stepped out of the lift on level 4, and proceeded into the greenhouses just in time for the female department head to give out planting instructions that seemed simple enough to execute. Sophie got a shovel, and a bag of seeds before heading over to towards the other woman to ask some questions. "Excuse me! How deep does the floo powder seeds need to be planted in the soil? Shall they be watered too?"
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