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Even after a full year in her position, relying on someone else to do what might be considered the 'little' things still felt so foreign to her. In her previous post, she had not had a personal assistant. And while she often felt bad that perhaps she was not giving Jordan enough to do, she tried to make up for it as often as she could be finding other tasks that she knew he'd be able to handle that would be even more of a help to her. Setting up for the brunch had seemed something easy enough to do on her own. Though she'd probably accept his assistance later with the clean up - at least in regards of getting whatever was left of the food distributed to other departments.

Her attention returned to the Healer in attendance, and she gave him a smile at his polite greeting. "Please, Sookie is fine." She'd grown rather accustomed to nickname over her birth given. The only people that really seemed to consistently call her Ho-Sook was her sister and their parents. At the question of planting, which was also a great reminder to announce to the rest of the group they'd been trapped, she gave a nod. "That we are. I'm not quite certain how it happened, but all our floo crops seemed to disappear with the shortage as well." As for the quality... well, River had certainly hit the nail on the head of her worry with his speculation on that. She would have loved to been able to say she had full confidence in the seedlings but... the market was very short in supply on this as well and these were about all she and her assistant had been able to find. "I imagine they'll do the job." She hoped that came out with some semblance more of confidence than what she felt.

But she wasn't confident on the fact that it might have either.

Figuring she would save the other attendants from uncomfortable small talk (she truly was horrible at this host thing, wasn't she?), it was time to jump right into it - though of course everyone was welcome to take their time with socializing and finishing their food before they started to get their hands dirty. Clearing her throat and clasping her hands in front of her, Sook raised her voice the slightest bit to be heard. "Hello, hello all and thank you for coming! I hope you are enjoying the provisions! As I'm sure all have noticed, we're in need of some replacement floo powder these days due to the recent shortages - and luckily DERP was able to procure some new seeds. Given the urgency of need, we've invited you all here with the hope you might be willing to assist with a handful here and there in the dirt." Truly, the littlest bit helped. "However, please do not feel you need to assist with the planting if you do not want to - we're just as happy to have seen friendly faces. If you are up for a bit of playing in the dirt however, whenever you're ready handheld shovels can be located over here next to the seed bags. Our best fertilizer have already been spread in these beds," She indicated the three long rows. "And if you have any questions at all, you can ask myself or any of the other present DERP employees."

With a warm smile towards them all, she proceeded to move off to grab herself a shovel and begin the word. Lead by example, right?
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