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In her hopes that everyone would be so full from the feast that they would go straight up to their dorms, Keighley completely overlooked the fact that Jude would never do that which he knew something was up with her. Which knowing her big brother would give her maybe about a whole five or so minutes to herself before he came joining her. Not that she minded it, in fact she wanted him right here with her. The problem with this though was, he can't always be here, not anymore when he just graduated and they were returning home in the morning.

As lost in her thoughts as she was, the blonde caught sight of someone sitting down on the arm of the chair. This much she expect. What she didn't expect however was.. for him to tickle her feet. There was an instant reaction of her flailing and trying to get her feet away followed by some light playful kicks at him.. nothing at all that would hurt him before she dropped her legs down on his lap since he wanted to be there. Sad blue eyes looked over at him. Was he planning on staying there or was he gonna sit with her and give cuddles?
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