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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

It was okay that he wasn't as exuberant as she was because everyone was different and that was the beautiful thing about existence. A rainbow wouldn't be nearly as beautiful if every stripe was the same color, right? She could be the energetic yellow and him the cool blue...and together they made vibrant and life giving green!

Anywhoooooo...she was very excited to see her friend and did not consider even for a second the logistics of hugging someone who was sitting down with an ice cream in hand. Anna was prone to not thinking things through to their entirety but feeling things and acting in the moment was so much more fun and embraced emotions. Thankfully she was too petite to knock his chair over backwards...unless she spooked him and he leaned back and then...well...anything was possible!

Best case she ended up sort of in his lap and flung over the seat while she hugged him. Worst they toppled back on to the floor and made a big noise. Either way she was certain they would have a good laugh about it because that is what friends did!

"I might," she giggled. "Is there a flavor you didn't get that you want? We can split it because I just sort of had a big snack and probably wouldn't be able to finish a whole sundae by myself."
A hug was totally expected but NOT while he had a precious ice cream in his hand. Solomon moved it away from his face and Anna’s hair, because that would be a disaster to ruin such hair, and the already melting ice cream dolloped on the floor. They didn’t topple over, because Solly dug his heels into the ground a bit to support them both, but now he had an Anna on his lap and it was… uuuhhmmmmmm… awkward.

Well, luckily I wasn’t enjoying that flavour anyway.” Solly lied with a closed mouth smile, he didn’t want to hurt Anna’s feelings although that seemed impossible most of the time. He placed the empty cone onto the table face down, leaving more dribbles of ice cream everywhere and then waited for Anna to MOVE. Please. Kindly.

Yep. We’ll get a barbecued sausage flavoured ice cream, if you dare try that with me!” It was a little like a Bertie Bott Every Flavoured Beans challenge, only better because ice cream. He did feel a little bad about demanding a potentially gross flavour when it was Anna paying. She was paying, right? “I wonder if they put sausage decorations on top.” His eyes darted to other customers to nose at what they were ordering.
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