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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

It was one thing to be excited about your little cousins joining you at school and a totally other thing when it was your own (half) sister joining you! It was hard to gauge who had been more inconsolable in their excitement when Tam Tam Slam had received her Hogwarts letter, Anna or the recipient herself, and the buzz had only intensified to the point where the Hufflepuff was dreaming about bees now! She, of course still had aaaaaaaaaaall of her things from first year (useless as the majority of her notes were because of doodles or stories she had started writing mid lesson) and had been eager to pass down them all to Tam Tam. She hadn't written in aaaaaaaall the margins, so the schoolbooks were basically good as new too! Well loved if anything.

It was going to be great! Even better if they ended up in the same house but if they didn't that was okay too.

Know what else was great? This shop. Anna had only been in here once before and only had a little time to test out the with her little (half) sister here they could surely cover more ground. Maybe even test them all!

"Becaaaaaaaaaaause," she whispered while looping her arm through the young girl's and tugging her gently along with out as she strode more confidently into the shop. "Mirrors are a sacred mystical artifact, half the world you and I exist in and half of another. There are mirrors that reflect the truth of the soul and your deepest desires... Did you know there is a mirror at Hogwarts that doesn't show your reflection? Instead it is like...this grand ballroom and I am working on how to step through it so I can enter and explore that reality too. I BET there is a mirror like that here too and we are going to find it!"
The different houses and where she could end up was something that was constantly on her mind since she had received her Hogwarts letter, and try as she might to self-sort herself... Tam was never able to imagine where she'd end up for the next seventh terms. She quite liked the idea of ending up in the same house as Anna, but she wasn't sure that she had the attributes of a Hufflepuff. But she also wasn't sure she had the attributes of any of the other houses either. Slytherin and Gryffindor seemed pretty out of place, but Ravenclaw also didn't sound quite right. She wouldn't say that she was particularly smart or creative enough for that...

And she couldn't really just go by family sorting either, considering there was a bit of her extended everywhere.

She probably would have continued to spiral within her own thoughts but the timidness from all of their reflections staring back at her was enough to break her from doing so. And it was only Anna's arm through her own that got the girl to take more steps into the shop, eyes glancing back and forth between each of the different ones. "Do you think that have any just... normal, mundane mirrors here too? The type that don't tell you compliments about your appearance or change the way you look or or... What else do they do?" Well, she ran out of suggestions because there were so many mirrors with so many uses she wasn't even sure what the others were. Wait... a mirror with a ballroom in it? "Does Hogwarts have a ballroom? It is maybe actually just a secret passage?" She did not have the same curious nature of wanting to explore a potentially alternate reality but...

The acoustics in a ballroom would be something else entirely.
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