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There was a lot to have to think about in terms of necessities for beginning education at Hogwarts. Thankfully the school did send out the helpful lists with what each Professor would be requiring for curriculum purposes, and what were just the general necessities of classes anyways like cauldrons and robes and the like. But what they didn't list was the things that were needed personally. There was no list of toiletries, there was no list of what she'd need to make SURE she had plenty of on hand for her cello, there was no list of what would be needed in order to remain in communication with the world beyond the Hogwarts gates.

And all of those non-listed items were what left Tamara Bowen the most scared for her upcoming year. She'd tried to make her own list, and as if she were a tiny strawberry blond Santa Claus she had double and triple checked the list to make sure she didn't forget anything. She'd even had her parents check the list, and her older sister and older cousins and anyone she could think of who could tell her what was IMPORTANT that she was forgetting to think about. But with even all that double checking having been done, Tam was still only feeling half prepared at best.

She was hoping though she'd feel much better once she'd actually made some of the purchases, however. And the most important feeling on the least was a two way mirror so she could communicate with home. She wasn't really sure how one went about picking out a mirror though, so she'd brought Anna along in hopes her sister would be able to steer her in the right direction. Anna was older so she was definitely more knowledgeable in all of these areas.

Pushing through the door way, the young girl gave a tiny "MEEP" as she glanced around at all of the mirrors. She knew they were just reflections and charms but... the different versions of herself staring back at her was disconcerting at best, even if it WAS nice that one mirror called out to compliment her braided pigtails and yellow dress she'd chosen for the day. She was regretting being the first one to walk through, so before moving on any further she stepped to the side to give Anna room to enter. "Annoushka? Why are there SO many different types of mirrors?" She turned to address her sister, brown eyes widened with curiosity but still a hint of the fright to them too. The nickname gave her some comfort to still use, as did the presence. All of her favorite composers were German, so she often slipped German verbiage here and there into her every day sentences - including the nicknames for her family at times.
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