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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

He might have unknowingly taught Keighley to be thoughtful but Jude had gotten the trait from their parents. Grinning slightly reluctantly, he squeezed his sister’s finger once before hooking his index finger around hers. The older Hufflepuff knew that Davet liked him but Keigh’s declaration only served to increase his confidence. Heck, Jude suddenly wished he could confess his feelings right now to Davet but sending a letter wasn’t the way he wanted to go about doing things. No, this confession would happen in a few days when they were out for the Christmas break.

“Let’s not forget Rea too. I think she’d disown us if we left her out.” Jude already felt bad for pushing her away when things had been bad with him. He had learnt his mistake and promised himself never to do it again. But it sounded like the upcoming holidays were going to be the best yet. He snuggled Keigh again, and offered Ned another pet.

All was right with the world again.
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