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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Change in hand, Solly's palm was soon sweating after waiting in the queue for far longer than he had wanted to. Finally his turn, he chose his usual of Ton-Tongue Toffee, despite eyeing the Barbequed Sausage option for the longest time. He had decided to go against his impulsive thoughts, because even though he enjoyed a barbequed sausage on its own, it didn't mean it worked in an ice cream...

After purchasing and handing over the sweaty coins, Solomon sat himself in a booth and people watched for a while, when a brown dollop spilled ice cream onto his trousers. He grumbled, but simply used his hand to wipe it away, then proceeded to lick the schmutz from his hand. Messes didn't bother him AT ALL, even if there were brown and in places that brown messes shouldn't be...
Anna may not have much money left in her pockets, but she sure had a lot of leaflets and unused napkins from Florean's stuff in them! She had collected them from various points around the Alley and must have been dropped and misplaced but customers or the Ice Cream Bears, so she felt it only right that she return them. They were still useable! Though she may hold on to the napkins because they made for excellent tissues and shoe stuffers for when she stepped in puddles and needed a quick fix to dry off.

And speaking of all things loveable and wet!

"Solomon!" she chirped, now hopping forward on both feet and waving her arms to encourage his attention towards her more. "Solomon! Solomon! SolomonSolomon! Sooooooooolomon! HI!"

Chances were he had heard her the first time...but surely he could not be all that upset with her for being so excited to see her friend, Solomon the Valiant and not the Apologetic of the Glistening Waters.

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