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Tamara Bowen knew that in their family trip to Diagon Alley what she was supposed to be doing was going around with the rest of the troupe in order to gather all of the necessary school supplies for the upcoming year. With it being her and Andy's first year, there was a hefty amount of items that would be needed for purchase. And yet... even knowing all of this, the moment she could the 11 year old had stole away from the rest and made her way to Atticus Attic's in order to grab herself a new book of sheet music for her cello.

From there, she should have then gone and looked for her family again but... instead she found her way to a park bench and threw herself onto it, turning herself then around and letting her little legs dangle over the edge. Once she was comfy, she immediately ripped off the plastic packaging of her new book so she could flip through the pages. There was a couple of repeat classical pieces from some of her other books, but there was a lot more new music and she was very excited to get a chance to try playing them. Her left hand slid into her pocket so she could touch her shrunken cello as she began to hum out the notes on the page - pretending that she was already working in a grand orchestra.

If only she could use magic already and could make her instrument full sized again so she could play right there and then.
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