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SPOILER!!: Auroooooora :3 Anna has ideas for how to conceal a pygmy puff!
Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post

Staring down at her list was not helping with recollecting what she had already bought or not. The items were all starting to merge into one and some seemed pretty unnecessary in her opinion. She wrinkled her nose in response wishing that instead of buying heavy textbooks and weird potion ingredients she could invest in a new skirt or even better yet, a Pygmy Puff! She was starting to debate ways that she could conceal a pet from her Ma who was waiting in Florean’s for her but was grateful for the distraction that came in the form of her friend Anna.

The blonde grinned and waved back at the Hufflepuff with enthusiasm. Aurora was your typical girly-girl who enjoyed all things pink and sparkly and princess-y (although she wasn’t afraid of getting a little grubby sometimes too). Hogwarts seemed to lack in the princess types which is why she was thrilled when she had crossed paths with Anna who shared a lot of similarities with the young girl. Anna was the type of friend who had to be protected at all costs! “Hi Anna!” came the musical giggle out her mouth.

Aurora, also extremely petite and therefore particularly subject to the effects of sugar, had been unfortunately blessed with a pair of health conscious mums whose preference was that their children didn’t have access to the sweet stuff. The Ravenclaw meanwhile had an extremely sweet tooth and over her first year at Hogwarts had probably consumed her weight in ice cream which thanks to an active personality and a fast metabolism had not shown too much as she arrived back home. She really didn’t fancy being subjected to one of her Ma’s ‘disappointed’ looks if she had found out. Ariadne, who had shared many a bowl of dessert in the common room, was thankfully a very good secret keeper too. The offer of a sweet from Anna was met with an enthusiastic nod. “I’d love a Puckering Sour Swirl,” she answered. “I’m not very keen on liquorice. Ma says it’s because I haven’t developed the taste buds for it yet.” Whatever that was supposed to mean. Liquorice allsorts had always reminded her of her Great Grandma who kept a packet in her kitchen cupboard and would offer them out when the family visited. Personally she thought they were gross but she guessed that everyone liked different things.

Continuing to bounce along, Anna all but threw herself into Aurora's lap but had enough common sense activated to just flop on the bench beside her friend instead. "You wish is my pleasure, milady," she chirped while fishing into her bag for one of the packets of Puckering Sour Swirls and made sure to pull out one of the pink looking ones. Pink and probably a sour strawberry lemonade or something to that effect. Anna liked the sour caramel apple ones best but they all were delicious in their own way! "I only like the red licorice...but I got some of the black ones too because I felt bad that that display had so many left compared to the red. It's not their fault that they are an acquired taste. Maybe we can train ourselves to like it? Little nibbles at a how assassins and warrior princess will train to develop a tolerance for certain poisons..." Hmmmm...there was something there...Anna was sure of it...and maybe if she just twisted this curl around her finger a bit more something would come to her...

Anna did collect a licorice wand for herself, the red kind, and happily nibbled on that while swinging her legs this way and that while they dangled off the bench and her toes ever so slightly grazed the ground. Definitely a swirl after she finished this confectionary though. "Are you doing back to Hogwarts shopping today? I need to get my school books still...and maybe some new socks because lots of mine have holes in their toes." That tended to happen when you walked around the grounds in just your socks and climbed trees.

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