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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Aurora wouldn’t ordinarily be this organised when it came to shopping for school supplies. Usually, as was the case at her muggle primary school, she’d be searching for a new pencil case and backpack the week before her school year began instead of the week after the school year ended. This year was different however as the family were going on holiday to Greece in a couple weeks and her Ma had encouraged her to get a head start. It was with her Ma that she had arrived in Diagon Alley that morning before being entrusted with shopping by her herself provided she met Layla at Floreans in exactly one hours time.

Her blonde hair plaited into French pigtails courtesy of her sister and a handful of galleons in the mini bag slung over her shoulder, she bounced along the street glancing in at the exciting window displays. She stopped by Madam Malkins window specifically to look in at all the fancy robes disappointed that despite it being a week until her twelfth birthday, she had not yet had the promised growth spurt that her Ma, Mom and sister all had and was still stuck at a measly 4’5 and therefore did not actually need a new uniform yet.

She swiftly moved on, taking a seat on the park bench to take out the shopping list from her bag. Her Ma had made her promise that she would stick to list and not get distracted by anything pink and pretty and shiny. How the young Ravenclaw had not come home with a Pygmy Puff yet was baffling.
With money given to her for her third year textbooks, Anna had skipped right on in to Sugarplums and then right back out later with her weight in Puckering Sour Swirls and Licorice Wands. Not her literal weight but still entirely too much for someone so petite - or at least that would be the argument her step father would make. Anna never did anything out of malicious intent nor to be rude or callous or any other negative word you could think of. She didn't even do anything carelessly because she always had lots of thoughts! She might remember later, or at the latest when she skipped back to Obscurus Books and found her mama, that she ought to have spent the money on her education and not her immediate need for sugar buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut for now sugar and a happy tummy and energetic skipping won out. She could hardly even feel the weight of it all since her beaded rainbow bag had been enchanted with a featherlight charm (again, because she should be carrying a bunch of books and those weighed a fair bit!).

So it was, with a licorice wand in hand and her toes touching the ground just long enough to push off it, that Anna Walles came bouncing down the cobbled streets and happened upon one of the many wonderful spirits she had the esteemed pleasure of calling a friend. While naturally eliciting princess vibes and specifically Sleeping Beauty ones, Anna had dubbed Aurora with that sort of nickname...though she had been inspired by it. Rather, the day she had properly met the, then, first year Anna had just so happened to be flipping through her Astronomy textbook and admiring all the pictures (the words never made much sense to her but she could appreciate the pictures plenty!) and there had been a set on the Northern Lights and that was also called the aurora borealis. Sooooooooooooooo Princess Aurora Borealis of the Ravenclaw Tower was the current working title buuuuuuuuuuuuuut Anna wasn't quite satisfied with it yet. Sometimes it took time to establish the bestest titles for all her friends.

But, for now...

"AURORA!" she chirped, no longer skipping but hopping as high as she could up while waving both hands to draw additional attention to herself. Usually her voluptuous curls did a good job of this on their own and sometimes she wondered what it might be like if each curl was alive. Like how Medusa had snakes for her...only Anna would want something like that without the petrification bit. When the wind was blowing, like it was now, it WAS almost like the curls were alive and dancing around. "Aurooooooooooraaaaaa! Do you like licorice wands? Would you like one? I've got plenty and you look like you could use a sugar break with the way you are looking all adamantly and ardently at that list you've got there. Or a puckering sour swirl? I've got plenty of those too!"

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