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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

She was always so thoughtful, this younger and wise girl beside him. It was only a fraction of the reason why he loved her so much. Anyway, he followed her lead by not mentioning Evan and by focusing on that most important question he had just asked. The Hufflepuff could not help but chuckle when he was poked. He retaliated by playfully trying to grab the offending finger.

Keigh’s words were considered. His other hand brushed over Ned’s furry head. In return, the cat closed his eyes; clearly Ned was happy and content now with the head rubs. Was he ready to take the risk? The memory of that day in the park some summers ago still haunted him vividly. Yet, Jude sensed that this time would be different. “I think I am. I’ve got this good feeling about telling him, the more I think about it. I mean… I know he really likes me. And he’s always so patient and understanding with my feelings…” Without realising it, Jude genuinely began to smile again. Yep, talking about Davet did that to him. As did a supportive sister. “I know you will be. Regardless of the outcome we’ll have sleepovers and movie dates this Christmas.” Much like they had done that time he’d gotten his heart ripped to shreds.
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