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Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
After all these years, the Auror still found it puzzling that the lifts stopped at the ninth level of the Ministry. As someone who was not unfamiliar with navigating to the courtrooms from Law Enforcement, it was more of a nuisance than anything. The lack of a direct stop at level ten could be annoying, especially when certain characters needed to be escorted to and from trial.

Nevertheless, he had to look on the bright side: the lifts were working. Frankie remembered a time when they did not. Additionally, he wasn't escorting anyone to the courtroom today. He had simply been summoned to be present in the event things became dicey.

Hearing the ding of the lift, he stepped onto it from level two. The blond pushed the button that was illuminating the number nine and in a matter of moments began his descent, doing his best to block out the elevator music that was in serious need of an update.
Everything was perfectly fine.

No, absolutely no improperly catalogued artefacts had slipped out of the Chamber of Codes and vanished somewhere within the Department of Mysteries. No, he was not moderately irritated by one of the department's self proclaimed Seers stopping him with an entirely inappropriate shoulder tap and sad concerned cruppy eyes that he was to lose his head on this day. And no, absolutely and unequivocally no, the department head was not concerned about the sudden crack that had formed in the tank in the Thought Chamber. No no no no no, everything was just peachy.

Wand drawn, the gangly mess of a man lumbered through the maze of corridors and followed the clicking but sometimes mewing sound until it brought him to the lifts. No, no concern at ALL about this particular artefact finding its way on to the lift.

No, Houston there was no problem.

But as the lift doors began to open...the probability for a problem increased tenfold.


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