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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Mmmm. This big brother could not deny that Keighley gave the best squishes. She had been squishing him since they were tiny and he had always adored them. And yes, he already had suspected that Keigh wasn’t going to give him any choice in the matter. This wasn’t something that he had an issue with. Not now, not ever.

Oh yeah. No one needed to remind him about Evan and those feelings. Jude lived with the not-so-fully-healed scars everyday. He rarely spoke about it, and when he did, it was only to Keighley. His sister was so sweet for looking out for him; her words meant a lot. To show he appreciated them, the seventh year gently bopped his head against hers. "I love you." He never wanted to go through that sort of thing again either. Jude doubted he’d be able to recover a second time around.

Keighley hadn’t said that, true but his brain… well, it just took off. And so did his mouth, as the thoughts tumbled out. Thankfully Keighley put an end to the latter. The words sounded awful to his ears. This overthinking that he had developed in the last year and a half really took a toll on him at times. "Breathe," he told himself, allowing his chest to expand. That breath was held for five seconds before he exhaled. The steps were repeated for a few more times, his eyes fixed on Ned. When he felt calmer, he nodded his head to indicate that he was okay and that Keigh could remove her hand.

As a matter of fact, he half heartedly tried to bite her palm.
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