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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Jude secretly hoped the duo would have their own adventures. It had never been mentioned out loud on his part because… well, he didn’t know exactly why. It just seemed like he constantly made Evan hang out with him and maybe Evan wanted to do other things with other people. “It was a chillaxing half of the year for both of us, I’d say.” The latter half of 2109, that is. “Up until this moment, I hadn’t considered just how calm it was.” There was a genuine smile from him. “It’s nice to have those friends in your corner who push you to do stuff that’ll benefit you.” And no, he wasn’t speaking of himself. Was it bad that he wanted to just take a break now for a little while from being that person who pushed Evan in the right direction? As much as he didn’t regret constantly being there, it had been exhausting on him from seeing Evan suffer so much. “You can always switch when you find out what you really want to do,” the Hufflepuff mused after taking a swig of his beverage. “What options are you thinking about right now, if any?”

Jude couldn’t say he was sorry then that Evan had graduated, if this meant his best friend was doing a whole lot better. “Putting the environment behind you that messed with you in the first place is possibly the healthiest way of healing. I really am happy that you’re doing better,’’ came the added latter bit in extra earnest. “You remain the best partner, aside from Keigh,'’ Jude remarked with a hearty chuckle and an exaggerated but playful roll of his eyes. “Maaaybe! If you had, you know I wouldn’t have complained.” He stuck his tongue out. As for Ko and Rea… “Oh, I’m not sure Ko had that much fun. I heard so many tales of Rea wanting… no, demanding to paint his nails in ridiculously bright colours every other day.” His poor brother! “We both have auditions set during the Easter break. We’re confident that we’ll get in but still… I’m feeling nervous already.” Jude tilted his head a bit. “It’s the first time I’ve admitted to that out loud. At least if I flunk the auditions, I’ll teaching kids dancing to fall back on.’’ Cue a wry smile.
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