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Ary was special. As her boyiefwiend he gets all the things no one else gets.. like.. much shorter Bry tantrums AND her actually playing what he wants too. See? There were perks to this and here he was constantly denying the fact that he was indeed her boyiefwiend when everyone already knew it to be true.

Well, yes, she could see that now. It was not only a funny hat but it was full of holes and faded and really just a complete mess buuuuuut her Aryan placed it upon her head so.. there was where it was going to stay. For now. "Thanks!" Bry smiled brightly at Ary who was in fact very correct in being super cautious in how he worded things around her. "I think I'm going to keep it. Maybe we can fix it up together?" Patch up the holes and clean it so it isn't so.. messy?

Normally the small blonde wasn't as easily startled by things as her boyiefwiend was. However she had her back towards the grandfather clock when it went swinging out, black smoke everywhere. Not a word should be said to her on the fact that she jumped and spun around to stare at the wizard covered in soot.
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