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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
The Memorial Garden had always been a place Claudine Blaze avoided. It was a reminder of all the pain caused to the few she called her friends, to Hogwarts in general. It was a reminder that the family she had originated from was absolute filth; for that reason, guilt weighed heavily on her. The guilt of her family actually fighting on the side of the Neo Alliance always ate at her though she spoke of it to no one but Heath.

Time after time, Claudine would stifle the voice that told her she should at least visit the Garden out of respect to those good people who had lost their lives. It was something she had always done up until this somewhat cold day in the tail-end of January 2110. Sitting here on one of the benches had to count as something, right? Sitting here and thinking that it didnít matter where she resided, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the Blazes sought her out and ended her for not being like them.
It had been quite some time since Blake had returned to Diagon Alley. After graduation at Hogwarts, he had attended a Uni in the States - worked his tail off and graduated early. Now he was back looking for a job. It was always his intention to come home, but he needed a bit of a change of scenery after Hogwarts. Alot had happened during his time there. He lost track of pretty much everyone - but that's okay. He could also send a owl .. if he even knew that they would want to talk to him.

None the less, the memorial Garden seemed liked a good place to end his trip. He had updated his potion supplies and was ready for the week of interviews. He had looked around for an empty bench ... and did a double take .. okay no it was probably a triple take. Did his eyes decieve him or was that Claudine Blaze in the flesh at the same memorial garden at the same time. It had to be, there was no one else like Claudine.

"Hey there." Blake said smiling with a wave. Maybe they could after all these years get past their differences .. then again ... maybe no who knew.
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