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She certainly was not in a rush to go bother the clerk, and she didn't anticipate being the one to initiate the conversation. Gilly had only suggested such a thing since her twin had all the questions about the fireworks. She would admit that she was interested in how they worked, but that curiosity was not enough to waltz up to a stranger. That was what Drake was for.

Speaking of Drake, she had seen that eye roll of his, which was only matched with a serious glare. Her eyes narrowed momentarily, only to return to the man that had come over to see what the duo was up to. Her expression changed at the mention of the 'pretty boring' potions textbook: one of her eyebrows rose. "Why is it boring? I find potions to be quite interesting." As an almost ten-year-old, she had read her fair share of books about potions and she managed to not fall asleep.

What she didn't find nearly as interesting were the Headless Hats and Canary Creams. If knowledge about how they were enchanted was shared, then perhaps she'd be more invested in the conversation. But, to her, it all seemed like a foolish use of magic, which she believed could have been used for more practical reasons. Nevertheless, she followed the two around the shop and listened silently, letting Drake enjoy himself and the joke products that the man wanted to flash at them.

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