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SPOILER!!: Ash ^_^
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

The more Heath talked about Dracula, the more Ash smiled. "Yes! Please sing me something!" She loved music, and she'd never ever heard any Dracula: The Musical songs. Now she had her heart set on hearing him sing it. Heath always had a way of cheering her up- whether it was talking about Dracula or reassuring her that he believed in her. She smiled.

"It's about the only way to go about it, short of asking my dad." Which obviously wouldn't work. She chewed her lip. "It's not great, honestly. I don't like knowing that they don't really care about my ideas at all, and just want more power for themselves. But hey." The smile returned. "Tt's nothing personal." Ash hated when things were personal, like it had always been with her dad. She preferred this. "I've always wanted to write a memoir, but I don't think I can do that until I'm... old and almost dead. So for now I guess I could write essays about different things I want to advocate for." Ash loved writing and art. She couldn't live without it, whether people liked her writing and art or not. So far, they seemed to. It was nice. "Um..." Ash hesitated at the question about her nonprofit idea. "It's going to be helping families like mine get better before they end up like mine," she answered vaguely, tugging on her bracelets. She didn't want to discuss it too much in public, where everyone could hear. "I want to address 2 or 3 issues contained within that. I'd love to tell you more about it later. Maybe at my house." She lit up. "You should see my apartment! Claudine should also see my apartment. It was too bad you couldn't attend my housewarming party."

Ooh. Speaking of Claudine... "How's Canada? Are you and Claudine living your best lives?"

Heath’s face brightened at the sight of Ash’s smile. Somehow he knew she’d be up for a song. The only question was which one. Ah, he had it! He got quiet, taking a moment to get into character. His posture changed, and his dark hair fell into his face as he bowed his head. In an instant, he was no longer Heathcliff Jones; he was Vlad Dracula contemplating his sad existence.

“The longer I live the less I’m certain that I have all the answers right, I’d give all my yesterdays for one more night…” he sang, keeping his voice down to convey Dracula’s sadness and to avoid disturbing the other ice cream shop customers who didn’t come for a concert. He cast a longing look toward the door, as if awaiting Mina Harker’s arrival. “It’s hard to make each moment count when you’re alone, maybe that’s all I need to know…” When he was done, he looked at Ash expectantly. “So what did you think?”

Heath still didn’t like the sound of Ash’s arrangement, especially when he heard about their desire for power, but he said nothing more on the subject. The mention of a memoir got a laugh from him. “Plenty of people who aren’t old and almost dead write memoirs,” he said. “I’d love to read yours someday.” An idea suddenly occurred to him when he heard about the essays. “If you’re looking for somewhere to publish your essays, my dad might be able to help you… depending on the topic. He’s a magazine editor.”

Heath still had questions about Ash’s nonprofit idea, but he took hesitation and bracelet tugging as his cue to keep quiet. Instead he kept the conversation light. “I’m in London til Monday. Maybe I can drop by before I leave?” he said. He’d love to see Ash’s apartment, though he felt a little guilty about missing her party. He made a mental note to buy a housewarming gift as soon as he got back to Canada; Claudine would probably want to help pick it out! Speaking of whom, his face lit up at the mention of the girlfriend. “We’re both doing well. Hard to believe we’re in our final year of university already!”

What life had in store for them next was anyone’s guess!
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