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Technically nothing was ever a DEFINITE a yet his boyfriend's blind faith, and best friend for that matter considering he knew Reagan would have said similarly, were endlessly appreciated. And gave him all the warm fuzzies for two amazing individuals to care so much for him. "Sounds like a match made in theater heaven." He chuckled, grinning back at Jude. The kissing Reagan had been both strange and not. Strange in the sense that technically he could now say he had kissed two Anders, which was odd, but not strange in the way they were both professionals and knew on screen kisses were nothing more than what the role required. Though he did have to say, they certainly had a leg up when it came to acting opposite each other in such roles. It was easy for a strong platonic relationship to be seen as chemistry for a romantic one, even though there was no chance of that.

His grace was a trait he'd learned from his maman. She'd always reminded him that not everyone was suited for every role and while it was okay to be disappointed to not get something, it was never okay to not celebrate someone else's success. It was a lesson she'd taught him early and while it had been difficult to get over his disappointments quickly as a child, he'd gotten better at it - and now it was just second nature. He could feel the heat to his cheeks but he hadn't realized he'd actually turned red until Jude commented on it - though it got him an additional kiss anyways so one would not hear him complaining. Left foot to right did sound easy and yet... as he tried, he nearly stumbled. With a laugh at his mistake he looked from his feet again, up to Jude. Youtube videos sounded promising - what couldn't someone learn from the internet? And while he wanted to remain close to his boyfriend, the mention of lunch sent a loud grumble from the boy's stomach and he laughed again. "I think maybe videos and lunch might be helpful. Should we go grab some food and then pick this up later?" He reluctantly let go of Jude, moving to steadily collect his and his boyfriend's belongings.

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