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Ministry RPG Name:
Damian Pendragon

A notorious charmer from his days when music paid the bills, the Ministry of Magic had made a professional out of Damian. Having no illusions about the nature of his fierce loyalty towards his fellow unspeakable, he gave it very little thought. Jane was his opposite number in the Death Chamber, and any harm to come to either of them threatened the delicate balance between Life and Death.

"I have a date this evening." Rising back to his feet, Damian motioned to his fine black suit. "Been some rumors of a stray dementor showing up near Trafalgar Square at night. Going to see if I can't convince it to take it's melancholy somewhere else." He added with a smile, reaching his hands towards the sun, absorbing the rays and positive vibes.

"Keep up the good work, Ms. Howard. Give me a ring sometime. I do enjoy the distraction."
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