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The sight of the two boys jumping at her seemingly unannounced appearance caused Willow to be of two minds. She did feel a little guilty for startling them, but, at the same time, she thought the boys should have been more vigilant. This was a conservatory in a magical school after all. People were bound to be wandering about the place.

"Sorry," the dirty blonde-haired girl did reply apologetically. "I didn't mean to frighten you." She really hadn't. Willow, the gentle little being that she was, wouldn't purposefully do such a thing. She wouldn't even go as far as to hurt a lacewing fly.

She paused for a moment, waiting to hear if either of the boys had an answer to her question about the Flutterby bushes. If they hadn't seen them, she knew exactly where they were. Though something about the way they were looking at her made her assume that they weren't going to give her an answer about that. In the awkward silence, she just rocked back on her heels and forth on her toes, her pale blue eyes shifting from one boy to the other.

"I'm Willow by the way. Willow Twelvetrees," she told them, breaking the silence with a smile.

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