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Originally Posted by Helios Sunrider View Post
Producing a small brass bell, Damian placed it in Jane's hand. "If you ever need me: Ring this, and I'll hear it. Damian Ex Nihilo. Wherever you are is where I'll be."
Jane opened her hand and examined the bell Damian had placed there. Well....really, how...charming. Just when you thought the man could not be more exasperating, he would get all sweet and courtly like this. She could almost see how a woman could become enamoured of such a man, if she were into that sort of thing. Which Jane was not, not particularly Too bad he was a bit old for Violet, who was still smarting from the collapse of her school romance after graduation. But no, that might be a dangerous combination--dangerous for Damian, that is).

Bu, romance aside, t it did feel good to have someone on one's side, and to have another pair of eyes on this potential problem. "Thank you, Damian. I'll keep it handy," she finally responded, tucking the little bell away in one of her many inner pockets and giving him a calm smile.
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