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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
They better be! Otherwise this badger here might have to stick herself to him with the sticking charm until he learns she isn't going anywhere! Sorry Koen and Reagan but the bond Keigh shared with Jude wasn't their fault. It couldn't be helped and the more they seemed to have the common, the stronger their bond got. Not that she would ever complain about it because she loved it. Every moment they were together was special.

Jude's audible reaction to her barely landing on him only made her smile at him through her laughter. From the way she had fallen, Keigh already knew that her brother wasn't at all hurt and that's why she didn't bother moving at all. At leasy not under some of their laughter subsided and she could barely catch her breath. Finally after what may have been AGES, she rolled over onto her back and folded her arms beneath her head while looking over at him.

"That was all you, you know. You're so clumsy." There was a playful twinkle in her blue eyes. Sure, she had fallen too but that had only been due to him pulling her down.

Keigh was lucky Jude didn’t want her to EVER go anywhere. Just kidding. HE was the lucky one since she wanted to stick by him. And this was one of the reasons he loved her with all of his heart. Another reason he loved her so much was because Keigh could always make him feel better. Not that he’d been feeling sad or anything at that moment; Keighley just further boosted his mood. It had been a little while since Jude had laughed that much.

“Me?!” Jude gasped dramatically, an act that would certainly have made Reagan proud. “Please, little sister! You wanted to join me on these comfy pillows.” Cue him laughing again. Then, “We’re supposed to be building a fort. But this is just as nice. I suppose if we get too lazy from all that laughing, we could just use magic to build it. I’m willing to compromise today.”
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