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Sophia was disappointed that the older student only glared at her, but she had older siblings! She would not be deterred by a simple glare!! In fact, he was practically inviting her to turn his glare into a....whatever was the opposite of a glare. Plus, his obvious preference for the food over conversation made her even more curious what it was. It must be delicious. When one of the house-elves came over looking incredibly sad, Sophia's eyes widened. She'd never seen a house-elf look sad before. If this was the big older student's fault, he'd have her to answer to!!!

Taking a cue from Toddles on volume, Sophia nodded. "Yes please," she said quietly and as politely as she could. "Stew sounds fantastic, if it's, uh..." she gave a quick concerned glance at the older student, then back to the elf. "If it's not too much trouble."
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