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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Why yes, Autumn thought it was rather fantastic for herself that she'd appeared in several magazines about the newest up and coming stars of Quidditch, though she knew in her sophomore year she would have to keep pushing herself to continue that sort of recognition. She really enjoyed the attention, but she enjoyed earning it even more. As much as she liked to be praised and revered, she wanted it to be sincere and not false.

"Oh right, I knew you looked familiar," she said, keeping her pleasant smile. The name was even more so as she tried to learn the strategies of her opponents, or at least become familiar with them before she played opposite them. It was a strategy her mother had taught her from a young age. And given that Lee was also a chaser, she had been such a target of her and her chaser trio at one point. "Of course we did. Unless your reserve played for you during our match this past season." And that she did not recall, but as she had only been with the Cannons for one year, there had been only one game with the opportunity to have played each other.
Yeahhhhh..... Lee was fairly certain this woman was a liar. She had no idea who he was, and she was just being polite. And, honestly, while it bothered him more than a little bit that he recognized her but not vice versa, it wasn't really surprising. He wasn't going to win MVP anytime soon, and the Pride of Portree wasn't the best either. But he was good enough at this thing he loved that someone paid him to do it, and he supposed that was enough.

In theory.

"No, I don't think my reserve played," he said simply. "I'm a pretty healthy guy." Unless it had been the week he'd visited his sister in Italy, but he doubted it. "Though perhaps your reserve played for you," he joked, half smiling. "Did you do something special to be in those magazines, or was it a profile of new players?" he asked. He couldn't remember.
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