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SPOILER!!: Ash ^_^
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

It worked. Ash genuinely laughed, and cracked another smile that seemed to brighten her a little. "I knew you'd be Dracula! Not because you look like him and have a cool jacket, but because you're the best! What other lines do you have?" That was HER older-brother-figure-friend being the lead. And HER older-sister-figure-friend's boyfriend. Ash enthusiastically thought it was the best thing ever, despite not really being an enjoyer of plays. "You're great." It was the truth, as she saw it.

"Do you really think so?" Ash didn't feel like she was doing amazing. Except... living was pretty amazing, graduating Hogwarts was pretty amazing, having a boyfriend was pretty amazing, and finally having a safe apartment where she could go and relax was pretty amazing. So maybe she was doing alright? The parts where she never applied to university, failed all her driving tests, burned her dinner, spent a week of summer stuck with her dad again, and did other ill-advised things weren't the ONLY parts that determined how well she was doing. However, they were the parts that she tended to dwell on. She sighed, resting her chin on her hand. "They're not involved with him, exactly... it's more like they want to make him look bad and are fine with using me do do it as long as I prove I can come out on top. Which means... winning at legal things. And tabloid article things. And stuff like that, before they'll agree to help me with my nonprofit. That's what I want to do. Start my nonprofit and also do some writing things. But of course I'll continue making art personally, because art's my passion." That earned a smile. She could think about art all day. "I made one of the rooms in my apartment an art studio." She nodded at what he said about him and Claudine, considering. She'd keep it in mind for if she desperately needed it, but honestly she wanted to prove that she didn't need help and she could adult on her own even when things were hard. She wasn't sure that she could... hence the need to prove herself. "It's a kind offer, and I'll take you up on it only if I really have to. I think I'm going to get chocolate peanut butter. For my ice cream. Are you allergic to peanuts?"

Heath smiled, pleased to see that his Dracula impression got a laugh from Ash. Her laugh and the mention of his jacket made it impossible not to laugh along with her. “Thanks!” he replied. “I wear a cape in the show, but this was the best I could do with what I have.” Cue another dramatic jacket twirl. As for his lines… “Most of my lines are sung. It’s Dracula: the musical. Want to hear a sample?” He was already contemplating which song to sing… preferably one without romantic or violent undertones! The problem was that all of his songs had one or the other.

“Absolutely!” Heath replied to Ash’s question with an emphatic nod. He didn’t have to think twice about it; he knew she could handle what life threw her way. “You’ve got this! You’re strong enough to overcome any setbacks that come your way,” He wouldn’t lie to her, especially not about something like that!

His mind was buzzing in a million different directions as he listened. He wasn’t sure he liked the sound of those connections. While he was relieved to hear that they weren’t part of anything criminal, but the fact that they were willing to use Ash for anything sounded a lot like extortion to him. And what would happen if she didn’t win for them? There had to be another way to get her what she wanted! She mentioned writing. Maybe his dad could help her with that. “If you think that’s the best way to go about it, then I’m happy for you,” he said. Despite his concerns, he wasn’t going to tell her what to do. “What’s your nonprofit? And what kind of writing do you wnat to do?” He had allll the questions!
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