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Dahlia was sure that she had never blushed so much in her entire life. It did take a lot for her to blush. But if she remembered correctly Patrick did have that effect on her. I did. I absolutely loved it there. But its not home, you know. She surprised even herself at that last part. She never thought she would miss London, she had not admitted that out loud, even though that was the reason why she came back.

She let out a little laugh. Oh. Thats cool. She remembered him always at the greenhouses or on the quidditch pitch at Hogwarts. So she wasnt surprised that he had ended up working there. She glanced up and kind of caught him looking, that made her blush even more. She grinned. Glad she did catch him looking. Did that mean something? I've been working in Accidents and catastrophes in Paris. So I hope I can get on at the ministry here.
He loved hearing about peoples travels and what they've experienced, what they loved about their time in places. It told you a lot about the person, just listening to them talk about their favorite places. He nodded, "I do know. It's weird because I love being here, but also love being at my grandparents farm."[/b] He had spent so much time there when he was in Hogwarts. But he had missed his friends from school, the WU students he became friends with just didn't feel the same.

He smiled when she said it was cool where he worked at the ministry. He enjoyed his work, he always had enjoyed herbology and the things you could do with plants. He kept his eyes on her face trying to avoid more blushing, although would it be all bad if she noticed? It's not like when they were in school. They're both adults, right? "Oh wow, that's absolutely awesome. I bet you'll get on at the ministry here, sounds like you were doing a great job in Paris." Okay so maybe he didn't know that for sure but he was fairly certain that she was because he recalled her being smart.
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