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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Hunter was quite happy to have Z with him. He didn’t see Z as being adopted, but rather saw him as a full fledged member of the huge family they shared. And they even got along so well which was a bonus. The other bonus? They were the same age. “Trying to decide if I should explore the plants.” He gestured at the abundance of greenery he had stumbled across. “Or if I should continue following the brick road until I explore everywhere.” Hunter paused, smiling slightly. “I’m going to be Dorothy. You can be Toto.” Z would know what he meant, since Hunter was always keen on sharing his passion with his family.

There was another sound - a voice - which made the usually timid Hunter jump violently despite the softly spoken words. He spun around to confront the girl. “You shouldn’t sneak up on anyone like that.” He gave her a hard stare as he tried to cover up the fact that he was trying desperately to show his pounding heart. Hunter didn’t even notice her feet at the moment.
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