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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
"I'm fine," Brandon said immediately, even though he hadn't checked. He was pretty sure his knee was bruised, but the more he thought about having a bruise the more the thought upset him and he did his best to ignore that whole idea for later. Another reason he said he was fine was that even if he WAS sure that he bruised his knee, the other kid would be concerned or something like that and Brandon didn't want him to be concerned because he just didn't. He didn't like people being concerned for him at all. He tried his best to pick himself back up again as fast as possible and collect all his things that fell. "I'm sorry I tripped. I didn't mess up your diagrams, did I?" It would be the worst if he'd accidentally messed up the writings. Even though the boy didn't seem to be mad.
"Okay." Phoenix had no reason not to take the boy's word for it. It hadn't appeared to have been too bad a fall. Maybe more a bruised ego than anything else, he thought, though a couple physical bruises were possible as well. But likely nothing serious as far as he could tell.

"You don't have to keep apologizing, I know it was an accident." It really wasn't even that big of a deal so Phoenix was a little unsure about why the other boy was so apologetic. Maybe his parents yelled at him a lot at home so it was ingrained in him, he didn't know, but that would make sense if people were making someone feel like things were always their fault. "But no, my strategy layouts are just fine." He glanced down at his notes again just to be sure, but he wouldn't have been mad anyway.
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