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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
The eye roll got a chuckle out of him. Always felt like an accomplishment when a joke was terrible enough to earn an eyeroll. A minor accomplishment, but still one nonetheless.

He turned away from the window and pulled her into a hug as requested. "It has," Lio agreed. "So you should tell me all about your deep thoughts about shrivelfigs. Fascinating ingredients, they are." Still rolling with the joke, but also a genuine comment in a way, given her field of study. And his own Potions studies too, to be fair, though a little less often. But he was always interested to hear her talk about her studies whenever she wanted to, whether it pertained to shrivelfigs or not.
No, Lio. No. Not something to be proud of so best just wipe that smile from your face and cease chuckling as though you were pleased with yourself. She may just try and resist eyerolling where she to figure out that this was a desired outcome. May being the key word here - if a joke was just too terrible then there really was no controlling those reflexes.

Breathing him in and offering a subtle sigh of relief, she hugged the quidditch player back and...was pretty sure that he was filling out a lot more than she had previously recalled. "Someone has been working out," she observed playfully while giving his shoulder blades a light squeeze. "We need to sort out how we can start working out together again now that our schedules are...mostly settled." Said the girl in pre-healer studies that essentially owned her soul and everything else supplementary material. "I'll just deliver you a copy of one of my pharmaceutical essays sometime. I'm sure you will find it a real page turner."

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