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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Lee was in the market for a new mirror. A two-way mirror, to be exact. Two...he supposed. He'd gotten the impression his sister was a bit lonely since he'd moved back to Scotland, and he figured an extra set could come in handy. Maybe she'd talk to him more, maybe he'd give it to one of their cousins or their moms and she'd talk to somebody else. He'd let her decide.

He knew where the mirror shop was, but once inside he did not know where to start. He heard voices, though, so he walked towards those, hoping to find a shopkeeper to help him. What he found instead was an oddly familiar-looking young woman. He frowned. did she know her? Not from school, she looked a bit too young for that. Quidditch? That was really his only other good guess.

"Excuse me," he said, looking between the woman herself and her reflection. "You look very I know you?"
Autumn was positively delighted with this mirror. So much so that she was tempted to buy it for herself. Not that she was lacking in people telling her wonderful things about herself, but she never got tired of hearing it and this mirror would be quite the pick-me-up in the mornings while getting ready for the day.

But truly, a fifty year old woman probably needed it more than she did. Not that her mother wasn't beautiful - she was gorgeous - where else did Autumn get her own good looks? And she was an amazing Quidditch player in her own day. But Autumn figured that once a woman reached a certain age, she could use a little extra praise and confidence.

She was a little preoccupied with these thoughts as well as the compliments she was still getting from the mirror that she didn't immediately notice the other reflection in the mirror from behind her. Not until he spoke. Autumn lifted her eyes from her own reflection to look at the man's reflection, giving him a pleasant smile. She was used to being recognized.

"Oh, I'm sure I do look familiar," she said knowingly but pleasantly. "Since signing with the Cannons last year, I have been in several magazines." So he was likely a passing Quidditch fan, though not much of a fan of the Cannons if he couldn't make a definitive identification. Although... he did look somewhat familiar himself, she noted, as she continued to gaze at his reflection.

She turned around to face him with an inquisitive looking, keeping her smile. "Autumn Low. Do you follow Quidditch... or do you play?" To be fair, she knew many professional Quidditch players, but she couldn't be expected to know all of them.
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