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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Call it a hunch, but Nomi was pretty sure that Jaecar wasn't a fan of the little bonnets she found necessary to put on their daughter during sunny days out. But that was neither here nor there as it was simply needed to keep the sun out of her eyes. And she would never even consider that he'd purposely lose it to keep Nixie from wearing one. So as she was in the process of searching the lower part of the stroller, she simply smiled up at him as he spoke, essentially resigning herself to the fact that the hat was just not there.

"Blame it on nargles then, I suppose," she said, joking lightly as she reached into the diaper bag. She didn't really believe in the creatures, but it was a fun figure of speech and she was trying to not let anything bring her down or dampen their day out. "Suncream, it is... though I hope we can keep the sun out of her eyes." Finding the tube of suncream from the diaper bag, she leaned down over their daughter and applied just a bit with a light touch to her nose, cheeks, and forehead before carefully lifting the squirming baby into her arms.

"Maybe we can find a pair of baby sunglasses so you can match Daddy," she said sweetly to Nixie, before turning her twinkling eyes to Jaecar. She wasn't sure that was even a real thing and it would probably be a better use of their time to just buy another baby hat, but she did have to admit that her husband looked very striking in his very cool shades. Even if she was a bigger fan of his smoldering hazel eyes.
She always saw the best in him which had almost been to her detriment initially as she was entirely too malleable to his fire but eventually turned into the thing that saved him from himself. He ought to feel bad that he did, on occasion, purposefully lose those bonnets and gave little regard to how their absence may impact Nomi. He did not do any of it, of course, with malicious intent. was not an Upstead aesthetic, okay?

"As good a theory as any," he chuckled, believing in the creatures even less than his wife did. "Probably consider our outings prime retail therapy. The bag is overflowing." Seriously, was all it really necessary? Says the man who never once packed the diaper bag or really paused to consider how much went into taking their daughter out. Weren't just a couple of diapers enough? Oh, and the wipes. Done.

" about we..." Jaecar considered as he knelt down in front of the pram and slipped his chic sunglasses off, turned them around, and slipped them on to Nixie's face. Naturally, she barely had a nose, so they did not sit on her face at all and it was laughable the way the temples and temple tips extended well beyond her head. They were also horrendously lopsided, and their daughter looked very confused at the way the lenses changed the way she saw the world, but for once he did not mind things being a little imperfect looking. Furthermore, when it came to their daughter, lopsided or otherwise, everything was always perfect.

...maybe minus her trying to chew on them. That was...okay...that was less cute.

"...maybe not..." he said while reaching forward to gently pluck his sunglasses back, resulting in Nixie's immediate tears. The red faced crying sort and her little tiny hands and fingers to flail in the air for them back and his ears to ring. " there something else she can chew on?"

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