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Originally Posted by Helios Sunrider View Post
"... You do find yourself near the center of most of the major happenings around the Ministry." Damian had stopped pacing at this point, standing before Jane, and leaning slightly towards the witch. "Cui bono ? Who benefits? Certainly not you. You've been attacked, cursed, lost coworkers, lost months, if not years, of work. You give so much of yourself to the Ministry of Magic, and what have you gotten in return? Respect from the higher ups? Maybe a few extra galleons in your bank account for your sacrifices?" He scoffed, while his normally cool and calm demeanor was slowly melting in the summer sun. His protective side was starting to show, tougher than the cobblestones beneath his feet.
Jane mused over this reasoning, then smiled slightly. "I would hardly think my being unfortunate enough to be involved in those incidents makes me a 'conspiracy-monger,' as our colleague likes to call me when he thinks I'm not looking. Unlucky would be more like it." Jane paused a moment longer at the mention of the lost co-workers--poor Nykto was the really unlucky one. Maybe if the Ministry hadn't made excuses to look the other way and investigated earlier, he might not have been lost. "But as for why I do what I do--I took this job purely for the opportunity to have the resources and scope at my disposal to delve into the mysteries, to expand my knowledge. The work I'm doing right now couldn't be done anywhere else, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity. As to what others think of me, that is immaterial," Jane concluded, "except for my close co-workers, of course," she added, smiling at him.

"But speaking of mysteries, look at this." She flipped open the notebook she'd been looking at when he arrived and showed him a list of names and countries and dates. "I've received correspondence from all these people--mostly former colleagues throughout Europe--complaining about the unavailbility of floo powder where they live. And now the same thing seems to have happened at the Ministry. I mean, it could just be a coincidence, but still--it does seem to be happening more frequently than the law of averages would allow. I even went by Floo Pow on my way here to inquire--no one there, of course, as usual, but I thought I'd better try. Their office seems even more vacant and deserted than usual."She stopped and looked at the fountain for a few minutes, apparently thinking, then added, "Of course there are other ways for magical folk to travel, but still--there are enough occasions where the floo is necessary for this to eventually cause a real disruption if it continues." Jane had sometimes toyed with trying to recreate floo powder herself, just as an idle experiment, but she hadn't had much time to be idle the past few years.

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