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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Now that she was starting her second year as a professional Quidditch athlete, Autumn was starting to get recognized a lot as well as followed around by the occasional paparazzi. She usually didn't mind the attention, in fact she often loved it, unless she was otherwise preoccupied, like today.

Today she had very specific, purposeful plans. Her mother's birthday was coming up and it was a very big milestone. Autumn couldn't imagine turning fifty herself, but half a century was meant to be celebrated and her father was planning a big celebration. And that meant Autumn wanted to buy her mother a few lavish gifts.

She had already been to the boutique on hexagon alley and was carrying a couple bags of designer clothes, for her mother and for herself, as she walked into Janus Galloglass. The 19 year old didn't have anything specific in mind, but the thought of an ornate, magical mirror sounded interesting. It was something unique for sure.

As she slowly walked through the aisles, glancing here and there at the mirrors hung on the walls, a voice made her pause.

"What a beautiful woman!"

Oh? Autumn turned to see who was commenting on her appearance, but saw no one. No one, but her own reflection in an exquisitely framed large portrait mirror.

"You are stunning! And so smart too. Beauty and brains, what a winning combination!"

Oh, it was the mirror! Autumn grinned widely at her reflection, then laughed in delight. "Well, thank you!" Would her mother like this as a gift? She couldn't think why anyone wouldn't want a mirror that freely gave out compliments. An instant mood lifter.
Lee was in the market for a new mirror. A two-way mirror, to be exact. Two...he supposed. He'd gotten the impression his sister was a bit lonely since he'd moved back to Scotland, and he figured an extra set could come in handy. Maybe she'd talk to him more, maybe he'd give it to one of their cousins or their moms and she'd talk to somebody else. He'd let her decide.

He knew where the mirror shop was, but once inside he did not know where to start. He heard voices, though, so he walked towards those, hoping to find a shopkeeper to help him. What he found instead was an oddly familiar-looking young woman. He frowned. did she know her? Not from school, she looked a bit too young for that. Quidditch? That was really his only other good guess.

"Excuse me," he said, looking between the woman herself and her reflection. "You look very I know you?"
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