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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

"Of course dear, and then we can go to Malkin's to get you more clothes," Kingston said in-between his spoonfuls of ice cream. Daddy-daughter dates were the best. He was especially glad her mother allowed her to stay with him after he was mernapped. The time apart really did help his relationship with his ex-wife. But enough on that, "Mmhmm, this is delicious! I'm trying not to take any of your share," Giggling again. He would never take her share, it was too of a good purchase and she deserved as much as she liked. He tried not to giggle too loud at what she said. He adored his family unit and was pleased to see Emari take well to his big sister. He imagined he would be wiping his little tears when she goes back to Hogwarts.

While it did sting hearing and seeing his baby girl hurt, he knew it was inevitable. "Aw, sweetie," Jerald did his best but feelings were not easy to calm in this matter specifically. Kingston wrapped an arm around Maria into his usual bear side hugs, "I know, and it's okay you felt that way. We'll be spending the rest of our time together, no interruptions until you head back to school."

"That's great, Maria," Hearing about her new friends, "You know you're also welcome to invite any and as many of your friends to the wedding if you would like," Though she had an important job she was looking forward to, the party scene he imagined she would want to spend time not babysitting little Emari. "Maybe even... a special someone," Trying his best not to giggle. Was it too early for her to have a date? Whatever made her comfortable he was perfectly happy to accommodate. "Ohh, very nice. We'll get those books just for you then so you'll be ready then," Then adding, "Maybe even a new broom.." Was he spoiling her? Yes. And proudly too, after such a hard time.
More clothes? She could get a new blouse, a new skirt and all the things that were now too short? In between mouthfuls of ice cream she beamed brightly "Thank you, thank you daddy you are the bestest! Most of my school clothes are getting too short." Dads usually didn’t like going clothes shopping with their teen daughters, but her dad did and that made him the best without question. Eating more ice cream even though she was starting to feel full up Maria asked "Can we try making ice cream at home? Or maybe bake something? I want to give Emari something delicious too." Maria loved her little brother and he deserved something delicious to feast on too.

When her daddy wrapped her in one of his usual bear side hugs she held on longer as she murmured quietly "Must i go back to school? Can’t I stay home with you all and study from afar?" It was something that she had been thinking about a little lately. If she saw her daddy everyday then he wouldn’t be mernapped again.

Eyes going big and wide with shock at the suggestion Maria pulled out of the hug to stare up into her dad’s eyes "Who says that I have a boyfriend? Jerald? There is Kion I suppose. He is nice and he makes me feel warm and giggly inside, but I don’t know him very well yet." That she could invite friends to the wedding was forgotten amidst the shock of her daddy believing that she had a boyfriend.

“Can I get a broom that is good for chasers?" She wondered,as her pulse started to slow down as the shock settled. To get new clothes, a broom, hair products, books and maybe candy too? This was the best Diagon Alley outing ever.
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