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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

While it was never truly a dull day at the Menagerie, things certainly had intensified thanks to the rush of new pets purchases during this time of year. Cooper hardly minded it though and found each day just a bit more fulfilling - even if he was not sure that this was the sort of thing that he really wanted to be doing. Was it just him or...did the first years seem like they were even smaller this term? Maybe Mercer was just getting bigger. Maybe he, Cooper, was just getting older.

In any case, it was a quick stop by Espresso Patronum for a Veggie Fidelius Flatbread and Cappuccino on his lunch break before he needed to pop back over to the flat, possibly wake up Theo, make sure Phoebe had done the dishes since it was her day, change, and grab his portkey to France to photograph another dinner party for the Benoit family. He had just received his order and pivoting to find a place to sit when he spotted a very familiar face. Naturally, he strolled over to her table and pulled up alongside where she sat. "How do angels greet each other?"
At the sound of a very familiar voice she turned her head with a bright smile, "I would think with a hug, hurry hurry set down that food so I can give you the biggest one available." She couldn't contain herself. It seemed like it had been far too long since She had last seen Cooper, but she was fairly certain that it hadn't been that long at all.

Although he had been busy photographing just like she knew he would when they were in Hogwarts, he was so talented and he didn't even always acknowledge how talented he was. Hadn't she heard he was working in the alley now, "You're working around here now right?" She was going the opposite route as most people did after Hogwarts, but she loved what was happening.
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