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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
[b]"I just wanted to see you, to explain things...a little, and just--well, I've missed seeing you all this time."[b] Violet looked up at him, a little surprised that this was so very true. She'd been so preoccupied with her family the past year that she hadn't really taken stock of her own feelings. "And to see if you...if you still wanted to see me. I mean, it's been a long time and I'd understand it if you didn't, but I just wondered...." <long pause> "I'd certainly still like to see more of you." Violet delivered this last looking Caes straight between the eyes. Because she was tired of all the convoluted, subtle wordplay that passed for personal discussion among Slytherins, especially among her complicated family, and she had decided to try just being open about things. Because she wanted to find out where she stood and didn't have the emotional energy left to spend in beating around the bush. Even if she did wind up scaring Caes off (because of course, he was a Slytherin, too).

While Caes didn't know all of what was going through Violet, she was sharing enough for him to get a general idea. Everything was happening at once for her. To where she couldn't concentrate on her own passions. His smile may have came off sympathetic, but that was what he was feeling as she shared what she could.

"I missed you too, Caes said honestly. Given how much she shared, he was torn between knowing she was going through things and now getting the validation on his best thoughts of her. Though, there was still a long enough gap to where as comforting as her words were, he still felt he was missing something. Could that have been it? If he was sure, it'd be easy to talk about wouldn't it?

"You know, we did talk about seeing how things went with me still being at Hogwarts." He started. ".. it seems like the universe wanted to make it difficult for the both of us," Shaking his head, "I would like to see more of you and we shouldn't stop seeing each other.." Then before his next said of words came out he felt something. Something like a drop within him that pitted him, "..but I think it would have to be as friends," He said solemnly.

He couldn't imagine how much it hurt her if this was hurting him,"Violet... I really, really like you, and you shouldn't have to think about my feelings whilst you're focusing on your mum," Pausing to think, this was the most he ever shared or ever broached about. "and your own passions again," Caes didn't feel it necessary to mention how much traveling he will end up doing now. He wouldn't be much of a boyfriend to expect her to make time for him and not follow through. Especially when he tried to consider himself in her place. If she wasn't even able to focus on her writing passion, how else could she fill her time? It didn't feel right to risk replacing it. It was hard for Caes to have his eyes remain on her after dropping such words, but he kept focus though the eyes were threatening to not feel so dry anymore.


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