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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Summer was the most delightful time within the Alley, she was finding. The sun was shining today, the weather warm enough that she could settle on a blouse that showed the spider slowly stretching itself across her back. There was also so much activity happening, the students home for the holidays just taking over the streets. Ece liked children, but her particular line of work was not something that warranted visits generally from the young ones. At most, she'd had a few filter in and out to ask for directions - which she'd happily supplied. It was after 3 or 4 of these such moments this morning that she had decided her services were not needed in the office for the day, so perhaps it was a good opportunity to visit her fellow proprietors and see if anyone DID need anything.

Or even just company. She was perhaps the slightest bit lonely, and hopeful to begin making friendships with her others in the Alley.

Heading towards the Owl Post first, a small canister of assorted shortbread in her hand as an offering, she pushed her way through the door and danced her away through the lines of writing desks. She didn't particularly need immediate assistance, considering this was just a social call, so Ece was hesitant to ring the bell. Instead, she chose to just mill by the front, carefully perusing through the assortment of post cards. She was probably due to send Kelya something of a check in, perhaps she could find something suitable here.
Entirely too efficient a businessman to require assistance in shop, ZachaŽl had finally shed some of his social hurtles over the years to make for good company. Though his confidence would wane on occasion around certain sorts, Sophia had nonetheless seen to it that he was well adapted. Though, perhaps, there was something he could receive assistance on...should he unearth some of the complicated subjects that had his heart in a twist. The good sort of complicated but still the sort to put him in a proper twist.

Each summer only made the entanglements more and more prominent.

A subject that was mostly in the back of his mind as he appeared from the storeroom with a box of stationary he had just finished pressing and packaging in hand. "Ah, Ece," the former snake greeted. He could call her Ece, yes? "Post cards today? That entire display is Owl Post exclusives. I personally recommend the Diagon Alley watercolor series. Each hand made right here in shop once the artwork is received from the artist, a charming and delightful woman who works at the Scamander Zoo."

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