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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Maria let out a breath she didn't know she had held in and murmured "Then we can go to Primps later?" Maybe she could convince her dad to buy her more than just hair products like makeup? Taking the spoon from her dads she quickly dug into the strawberry jam side. After eating the first spoonful Marias eyes lit up, and she beamed warmly at her dad. "Floreans icecream is always so delicious don't you think daddy?" Eating another bite she thought about the wedding, and was happy that she was going to be the only flower girl there. "I get to wear the pretty dress, and I hope Emari doesn't give me a sloppy wet brotherly kiss that will ruin my makeup." She mumbled to herself more than to her dad, but she know he heard her because her daddy had that knack.

Maria ate more icecream and enjoyed it until daddy began explaining about his mernapping. Slowly she raised her head to look her daddy in the eyes as she said in a small tone that probably sounded like she was 6 again not 13.."I know Jerald did his best to make sure I knew you were okay, but not seeing you or hearing from you for so long gave me nightmares...It hurt because I worried so much.." It felt right to let out all her feelings and thoughts. It probably hurt her daddy though and she didn't want that. "I'm glad your home now and that we will be together all summer until I go back to hoggies again."

Maria kept quiet for a few minutes while she ate a lot more icecream to let herself think about school instead of the though stuff. "I've made some new friends like Desiree and Jude. And I'm taking Runes, CoMC and Muggle Studies as my new electives...because I can't take them all right? she asked. Maria had gotten better at flying too and her wandwork.

"Of course dear, and then we can go to Malkin's to get you more clothes," Kingston said in-between his spoonfuls of ice cream. Daddy-daughter dates were the best. He was especially glad her mother allowed her to stay with him after he was mernapped. The time apart really did help his relationship with his ex-wife. But enough on that, "Mmhmm, this is delicious! I'm trying not to take any of your share," Giggling again. He would never take her share, it was too of a good purchase and she deserved as much as she liked. He tried not to giggle too loud at what she said. He adored his family unit and was pleased to see Emari take well to his big sister. He imagined he would be wiping his little tears when she goes back to Hogwarts.

While it did sting hearing and seeing his baby girl hurt, he knew it was inevitable. "Aw, sweetie," Jerald did his best but feelings were not easy to calm in this matter specifically. Kingston wrapped an arm around Maria into his usual bear side hugs, "I know, and it's okay you felt that way. We'll be spending the rest of our time together, no interruptions until you head back to school."

"That's great, Maria," Hearing about her new friends, "You know you're also welcome to invite any and as many of your friends to the wedding if you would like," Though she had an important job she was looking forward to, the party scene he imagined she would want to spend time not babysitting little Emari. "Maybe even... a special someone," Trying his best not to giggle. Was it too early for her to have a date? Whatever made her comfortable he was perfectly happy to accommodate. "Ohh, very nice. We'll get those books just for you then so you'll be ready then," Then adding, "Maybe even a new broom.." Was he spoiling her? Yes. And proudly too, after such a hard time.


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