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Keeping secrets wasn’t that hard. Even if Melody was well aware that their mum was likely aware something was up. Anyone would be, especially when it was their birthday, but at least she was confident she hadn’t let anything slip. Even with all of Logan’s complaints over being relegated to streamer duty.

She had claimed present wrapping for herself, and there she was, on the floor finishing up the last gift, Circe curled around her neck as usual. The only thing missing was her earbuds, but she’d known it was better to set her music aside for the moment. Although she might’ve also asked Dad if she could be in control of the music for the party, she wanted to stay aware while they were all left to make things pretty for Mum. Especially with Logan and Bry around.

She’d pushed the last gift over to the pile at the same time their father’s voice had beenheard, glancing up as Nova had reacted. “All done over here”, she said, sotto voce, even as she moved over to untangle her younger sister from Beans. Since Nova had Logan and the Spellotape under control.
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