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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Nova was sooooooo good at keeping secrets! However, what was the point of trying to keep anything hidden from her mum who practically knew everything? Were all mothers like this? Or was it just her own? Still, it was fuuuun to work on the task assigned to her and her three younger siblings. Nova pranced around here, there and everywhere, putting fresh flowers in vases, blowing up balloons until she was out of breath and all the other jazz that came with it. She was so busy but she had so much energy! Not even the fact that she was still unable to use magic out of Hogwarts for these tasks did anything to mar her good mood.

Her heart did seem to take a leap when she heard her father’s voice. A fleeting look of alarm passed her face at the precise moment Logan made a demand for Spellotape. “Mel! Bry! Hurry it up!’’ Then there was Bry and the Spellotape flying all over the floor. “For Merlin’s sake, Bry!’’ Nova bustled over to Logan after grabbing the escaping Spellotape, grabbing the Spellotape and hurriedly cutting a strip off the roll. “Here. How many pieces do you need?”
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