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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

"Of course, princess," Kingston knew which ones to get for Maria. She was a teenager now and even more self-conscious and wanting to look her best. Thankfully there wasn't a lack of their type of magical hair products compared to back in Iceland.

His own stomach made a similar noise leading to his usual laughter, "Sure did, got the nepolitan and strawberry jam over on this side," Kingston beamed pointing where they were with the spoon before handing her the spoon to dig in. "Yes you are our one and only flower girl," Perfect in his eyes. "I'm very proud of you for doing your best in handling this different and difficult situation," It was a serious thing to discuss. "Jerald had told me that he informed you that I would be okay and listened to your concerns," It did break his quarter-giant heart on seeing and hearing how hurt his baby was that it moved her to tears. It was hard for him as well to be separated. "I'll let you know though, my capture was a result of misunderstanding that was eventually resolved. The worst they did was not let anyone leave right away or communicate with anyone above. " To ease any other concerns she said. "I'm just so happy to be with you again. We're going to make the most of our time from here on." He never wanted to leave his baby for so long again. It was also why his honeymoon wouldn't be right away.

He would continue the serious discussion as long as needed. Afterward, after shoveling quite a bit of ice cream from his side of the bowl. He would then ask more about her time, "How else has your time at Hogwarts been? Did you make any new friends? New activities and classes you're looking forward to?"
Maria let out a breath she didn't know she had held in and murmured "Then we can go to Primps later?" Maybe she could convince her dad to buy her more than just hair products like makeup? Taking the spoon from her dads she quickly dug into the strawberry jam side. After eating the first spoonful Marias eyes lit up, and she beamed warmly at her dad. "Floreans icecream is always so delicious don't you think daddy?" Eating another bite she thought about the wedding, and was happy that she was going to be the only flower girl there. "I get to wear the pretty dress, and I hope Emari doesn't give me a sloppy wet brotherly kiss that will ruin my makeup." She mumbled to herself more than to her dad, but she know he heard her because her daddy had that knack.

Maria ate more icecream and enjoyed it until daddy began explaining about his mernapping. Slowly she raised her head to look her daddy in the eyes as she said in a small tone that probably sounded like she was 6 again not 13.."I know Jerald did his best to make sure I knew you were okay, but not seeing you or hearing from you for so long gave me nightmares...It hurt because I worried so much.." It felt right to let out all her feelings and thoughts. It probably hurt her daddy though and she didn't want that. "I'm glad your home now and that we will be together all summer until I go back to hoggies again."

Maria kept quiet for a few minutes while she ate a lot more icecream to let herself think about school instead of the though stuff. "I've made some new friends like Desiree and Jude. And I'm taking Runes, CoMC and Muggle Studies as my new electives...because I can't take them all right? she asked. Maria had gotten better at flying too and her wandwork.

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