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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
"Me too! Most kids in London go there," Nancy clarified, as she was quickly getting the impression that this girl was new to the whole wizard thing. Which was FASCINATING to Nancy, considering her whole family were purebloods. It was so weird to her that there was an entire population of people out there who DIDN'T KNOW about magic - and some who didn't even know THEY could do magic until they got their letters. She couldn't even imagine the mental toll that would take on someone. "Some go to Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons, or other places for whatever reason. Those are in different countries so you usually only end up there because of family or whatever. But usually, you go to Hogwarts."

Ok Nancy, focus. That was a lot of information she had NOT asked for.

She tilted her head at the second question. Ok yeah, this girl was DEFINITELY new here. "Yup. Everyone in my family is expecting to go there. My twin brothers are already there, and my younger siblings will probably go fact, my grandmum was a professor there. My dad went there for a bit but he left to go to Beauxbatons after a bit, because...well I don't really know why, but yeah," she explained with a shrug and a smile, realizing that she was rambling and probably just confusing the girl.
Nora didn't quite know what to make of this girl. Her excitement didn't quite match Nora's nervousness, and it left her speechless for a few seconds longer. Oh, okay, so...Hogwarts was the place to go for London kids. That was super weird considering Nora had lived in the area her entire life and never known this. She was suddenly thinking back to all the random kids she had passed on the streets of the muggle world. She bet lots of them had been magical children, and she just never realized it.

Then the girl was rattling off a whole bunch of other places Nora had never even heard of. "Oh, okay, wow, that's a lot to take in," she remarked with a laugh. "I think I have a lot of catching up to do." She could just see it now. The entire school would be looking at her like she was some uninformed weirdo. "Wait, so...this whole magical world expands to other places, too? So magical people are...everywhere?" It was mind blowing to Nora. How did this even happen to her? Her, out of all people, had randomly been a witch.

Despite the fact that Nora still felt all alone in this new world, she made a small connection when this girl mentioned her siblings were twins. "I have sisters who are twins, too, but they're only five. Then there's Charlie, who's fifteen," she added. Charlie was nowhere near magical, and she just bet he was at home thinking of all the many insults he'd throw at her once she'd been at her new school for a while. "So, umm, I'm Nora," she finally said.
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