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Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
Nora didn't know why she was suddenly nervous, but she kind of thought it had something to do with the fact that she was talking to a real witch. But wasn't Nora one of those now, too? No matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't get used to this. She relaxed a little when the girl confirmed that she was holding a list from Hogwarts. Was she a first year? "Yeah," she answered. " Hogwarts. I'm apparently starting school there soon." Or at least that was what the stupid owl had decided for her.

She still didn't understand why it wasn't an option to just say 'thanks, but no thanks'. That was apparently a HUGE no. "I don't have anything yet," she admitted. "Too bad ice cream's not on the list!" Make no mistake that she'd be heading that way soon enough, but she had a feeling her mom wouldn't be too happy with her if all she did was eat ice cream today. "So, um, question for you. Were you...expecting to go to school at Hogwarts?" she asked. Did kids her age grow up just knowing this would happen, or did it hit them in the head like a ton of bricks, too?
"Me too! Most kids in London go there," Nancy clarified, as she was quickly getting the impression that this girl was new to the whole wizard thing. Which was FASCINATING to Nancy, considering her whole family were purebloods. It was so weird to her that there was an entire population of people out there who DIDN'T KNOW about magic - and some who didn't even know THEY could do magic until they got their letters. She couldn't even imagine the mental toll that would take on someone. "Some go to Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons, or other places for whatever reason. Those are in different countries so you usually only end up there because of family or whatever. But usually, you go to Hogwarts."

Ok Nancy, focus. That was a lot of information she had NOT asked for.

She tilted her head at the second question. Ok yeah, this girl was DEFINITELY new here. "Yup. Everyone in my family is expecting to go there. My twin brothers are already there, and my younger siblings will probably go fact, my grandmum was a professor there. My dad went there for a bit but he left to go to Beauxbatons after a bit, because...well I don't really know why, but yeah," she explained with a shrug and a smile, realizing that she was rambling and probably just confusing the girl.
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