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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Noémi knew that Diagon Alley during the summer rush of students might not be her husband's idea of a great time, but the new mother had several reasons for venturing out with her little family of three. She knew a purposeful outing would be good for what she had to reluctantly admit was more than just a case of the baby blues. Or at least it was a start. It would be good for Nixie to get out and experience a taste of bustling wizard life, Noémi thought as she pushed her baby's stroller. And perhaps they could run a few errands while they were here.

But first, Noémi wanted to walk through the memorial garden. It was a little quieter here and she wanted to pay tribute to her fallen uncle while they were here. As she paused by the statue in the center, she reached down to pull Nixie from her stroller... stopping as she noticed her baby bonnet was not on her head. And as it was a sunny day, even though the stroller had a hood, she wanted to make sure her infant daughter's head was protected and the sun out of her eyes before pulling her out of the stroller.

She peered into the stroller, looking to see if it might be inside, before reaching down for her diaper bag. "Have you seen her little hat?" she asked Jaecar, hoping it hadn't fallen.
Jaecar was not a fan of summer and water was wet. It may be a bit cliché of him to dislike sunlight, but it was true. Jaecar Upstead preferred overcast skies and fog to clear skies and blinding sunlight. The sunlight he could do something about and currently adorned his face and was being pushed up a bit higher on his nose. 100% UV protected, with both UVA and UVB, and not just cheap tinted sunnies that also had polarized lenses so that he could paint by the water specifically. Not to mention the scratch-resistant and hydrophobic glazes over those uniformly tinted lenses that were nice and dark enough that he could not see his own eyes whenever he looked in the mirror. And all this perfection captured by titanium frames. Not unlike the pieces he restored at the National Portrait Gallery, they were a masterpiece.

Another masterpiece? His daughter. Even if holding her still forced him to hold his breath and his arms to go rigid, he simply could not get enough of her. The same could not be said of the bonnets his wife was so fond of. He was unable to pinpoint what it was about them that he found so cringey, but he could confirm that he had absolutely nothing to do with it missing this time. "Hmm?" he murmured, his thoughts distracted by their surroundings, and looked towards Noémi and then down to Nixie. " haven't." Such a shame. "Pretty sure there is a bottle suncream in the bag though."

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